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Oil Painting from Photo oil painting from my photo
Reviewed by Jeff & Sheryle, United States on  September 15 2012

"Well, there is only one word to say. "AWESOME!"

We are extremely pleased with the changes and the final results. Now we have just one more small request. Is there any chance that you could get it to us by midnight tonight? (just joking) My wife can hardly contain herself...

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Charcoal drawing

Charcoal drawing
charcoal-drawing-from-a-couple-photo.jpg charcoal-drawing-from-photograph-baby.jpg charcoal-drawing-family-photo.jpg charcoal-drawing-from-a-house-photo.jpg charcoal-drawing-from-photograph.jpg
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Photo : Upload Image
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Please let us know if you would like anything changed in the photograph:

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A drawing created from your favorite photograph - your photo as hand painted drawing created by our professional charcoal artists

How does this work?
1. Make sure the size of your drawing in charcoal is what you are looking for
2. Select the amount of figures
3. Select from the framing options
4. Upload a photo or email it to us
5. Put the drawing in your basket
6. Wait to view the charcoal drawing - confirm it or send us modification comments
7. We ship after you have viewed and confirmed the charcoal drawing

Your charcoal drawing will be created by hand by our talented artists specialised in the drawing technique for charcoal portraits.
A drawing in charcoal is eye catching and a black and white image is a very different art piece. Alternative you can choose pencil drawing or also a color pencil drawing.

View our charcoal drawing price list or alternatively use the form above to get a quote for the drawing you have in mind

Charcoal drawings are amazing pieces of art which you can use to decorate your residence or workplace, as well as keep memories of your loved ones or favorite possession - car, boat etc. If you are looking to get a custom Charcoal Drawing done or acrylic, pencil, all you need to do is provide your favorite photo to the painting experts here at Love Custom Art! Your drawing will be worked on by talented and experienced painters. The artists create Oil Paintings, acrylic, charcoal, pastel or pencil, depending on your personal preferences.

To get your pencil or charcoal drawings, start by defining the specifications of the portrait you want. These include size, framing options and the amount of figures (people, pets) for your portrait. After you have sent the photograph to the charcoal Drawing specialists, they will create the portrait by hand, according to your specifications.

The professional charcoal drawing creators use their expertise to make a great drawing for you, before allowing you to view and confirm, or ask for any changes you want made on the final piece.

The fact that there is variety in terms of painting choices affords you a chance to get a customized portrait that rhymes with your personal tastes and preferences. These options include ordinary and color pencils, acrylic paints, oil painting and charcoal. To see the best option for you, discuss your needs and preferences with the Love Custom Art specialists. The experts will also guide you on the best specifications for your charcoal drawings, so that you end up with an eye-catching piece of art.

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