5 Panel Multi Canvas Paintings

Choice of 5 Panel Split Paintings: GP101GP104GP105GP106GP109GP111GP113GP114GP116GP118GP119GP122GP123GP124GP126GP127GP128GP129GP130GP131GP132GP141GP146GP147GP149GP150GP151GP152GP154GP157GP159GP160GP161GP162GP164

Multi canvas paintings 5 panels - 100% hand painted

Choose from a great selection of 5 panel canvas paintings to decorate your home or office. If you have a design of your own then please contact us and we will give you a quote for painting it and having it split over 5 panels. 100% hand painted either from stock paintings or from your photos. Bring a very eyecatching home decor on your walls! The painting panels come ready stretched so you can hang them up right away. With our free shipping you have a very good deal for an unusual wall art piece.

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