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Love Custom Art offers a hand made Photo to Painting service by real artists

Love Custom Art can transform your photo's into beautiful work's of art onto 100% cotton canvas's which can last a lifetime. Hand painted Custom Art Portraits from your favorite photographs are our specialty! Our artist will paint your photo in oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor, pencil or pastel.

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Photos to paintings

There are so many dimensions to photos to paintings from format to what medium you choose and how you choose to edit the photo and what you add in that process. It really is all up to you what you add in photos to paintings as this is literally your project you undertake so you are in charge of the outcome.

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Love Custom Art Keepsakes - oil portrait from photographs

Great gift ideas are something personal, keepsakes, something that can last a life time, and beyond. A piece of art always goes down well but to personalise it is even better. Choose some loving words to have worked into the piece anywhere you choose.

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Father's Day gift ideas

Father's Day: How it Began And Photo to Painting Hand Made Gifts

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Turn a Photograph into a Painting, Turn Picture into Oil Painting

Love Custom Art create unique customized art on canvas. You send your photo and our artists will turn a photo into a painting.

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Dog Portraits

A wonderful gift is always, dog portraits from personal photographs for you, friends & family. You can simply turn your favourite photos into beautiful works of art! In oil, pastel, watercolour, charcoal, by a professional artist on quality 100% cotton canvas.  read moreread more

Custom Painting from Photo

A wonderful gift to present to a loved one is a painting from photo in oil, watercolour, pastel, Acrylic, pencil or charcoal. read moreread more

Custom Portraits

All custom portraits are 100% hand painted by university graduate talented professional portrait artists at affordable prices. Love Custom Art have a very dedicated team of professional digital imaging artists, photo editors and graphic designers to assist you any time in the photo to painting design process.

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