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Acrylic painting from photo - send us your photo and one of our acrylic painting artists will transform it into a painting.

Acrylic portraits created from your favorite photograph

Your photo will be hand painted in acrylic by a Master Artist

How does this work?

1. Make sure the size of your acrylic painting is for the space you have selected whether it be at home or in the office
2. Select the amount of subjects (if applicable)
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About this medium you can read detailed information on the Wikipedia page for Acrylic paint. To give a short introduction into this medium:

- fast drying paint which is water resistant after the drying period

- the painting can be stretched and delivered as gallery wrapped painting

- modifications are difficult due to quick drying time

For people paintings we do suggest to use the option oil instead of acrylic painting because it is not easy to make modifications with acrylic paint and there is a higher probability when commissioning portrait paintings (rather than landscape) that there will be modification requirements from the customer.

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Why do painters like Painting in Acrylic?

Most painters take a lot of time before they can come up with an inspirational piece of art. But when they have a nice digital image to paint from they get inspired to paint in Acrylic, at that is so key for any artist to be inspired as this is when they do their best works. There are many things that will influence the kind of Paintings they do. The cost of painting materials and accessories are major influencing aspects. Acrylic paintings have become popular because of their ability to dry very fast.

From an artist's perspective, it is easier to work with paints that dry fast once they have finished the piece. No one would prefer a painting that takes so long to dry once it is finished. The choice between ordinary oil paints and Acrylic Paints should be made with many other factors in mind. When a painter needs to work on a painting within a very short time, Acrylic is often the most preferable. This is because they stand out as a material that dries extraordinarily quick.

When you selected one of our acrylic artists from our gallery it is worthy to note that acrylic is a great medium for pet portraits. As an artist can get a animals facial features more or less perfect the first time as they are so much easier and less detailed than people portraits so this will then negate the having to ask for to many revisions.

Besides an artist, it is important to note that art lovers who want to have paintings done in record time should also consider choosing Acrylic if they have a choice. It is also good to note that besides drying very fast, Acrylic portraits can be done within a shorter period of time than the other mediums thus providing a quicker turnaround if you have a deadline for an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.

When you commission an acrylic painting you will not be disappointed in the skill level of one of our Master artists whom specialize in acrylic only hence why they are noted as a Master – we chose painters whom specialize in one medium and one medium only rather than an artist who paints in oil, pastel, charcoal, watercolor as we feel they will not be as well practiced as an artist whom paints consistently in one not all.

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