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Anniversary Gifts - Made to Order Portrait Art

Here is the history of the time line of Wedding Anniversary's originating from medieval Germany and now used in all the commonwealth countries and more: 5th Wooden, 10th Tin, 15th Crystal, 20th China, 25th Silver, 30th Pearl, 40th Ruby, 50th Golden, 60th Diamond.

Whichever anniversary gifts you have bought for the one you love before will never match on a personal or emotional level as these photo to painting unique Anniversary gifts.

All you need to do is choose the photo you would like to have immortalized, remember: " Photo's fade, Canvases don't ". Then upload your photos to our order page, choose from a selection of frames or gallery wrap or simply rolled in a protective art tube.

Your photo will be professionally edited to your requirements and then sent to an artist to turn a photo into an oil portrait to present to your loved one or one's as a perfect gift for your anniversary.

Love Custom Art have created many custom portraits for many occasions including recently for a Wedding Anniversary. The couple, and two of their horses in the canvas portrait were imposed from another photo as were the people to make a wonderful gift and a beautiful original piece of art.

Birthdays are also a very popular time for anniversary gifts as they come round pretty quick. There is so much you could do with photos to paintings for friends, if there favourite thing is music then you could have an oil painting of their favourite band from a poster. Or if your husband's hobby is classic cars then you can have an oil painting of his favourite classic car and not just in oil but pastel, watercolourAcrylic paintings or  charcoal and pencil drawings.

Anniversary gifts for whichever occasion is a very special time in some ones life to present to them a piece of artwork as an anniversary gift from one of their sentimental photos they have kept for years in photo form.

Celebrate your anniversary and have great gifts up your sleeve - a portrait painting from your wedding day is a nice choice and will surely surprise your partner. Even if the photo quality is not that good or it is a small old black and white photo - contact Love Custom Art as they might still be able to work with it and have it turned into a oil painting. Black and white photos can be changed into color paintings. All we need is instructions for the different colors or reference photos so the artist can ensure correct skin color, eye and hair color as well as clothing and surrounding landscape.      

Let Love Custom Art create your gift idea for your anniversary and have a unique gift that will amaze your partner and remind you of the special moments you have had together in your partnership. Portrait paintings from photographs have the great effect of being very personal, as they are created from your very own photograph and you can even combine photos into one painting. It is Very popular to include the photo from the first time you met your partner or from your wedding day.

Not just oil paintings can be ordered; you can also opt for charcoal, pencil, watercolor, acrylic or pastel! Paint your wedding photo is just one option - you might prefer to have a painting of your house, your pets, your children or even the whole family in front of your house - contact us with your ideas and we will be happy to assist you to ensure your ideal painting will be brought to life!

So if you are stuck as to what anniversary gift to get for your loved ones then look no further!

oil painting as anniversary gift idea

Anniversary Gifts - Made to Order Portrait Art

Here are the names of the anniversary's by the (considered) important years and our suggestions for symbolic anniversary gifts:

1st anniversary: paper (order on protective art paper either in watercolor/charcoal or pencil paintings)
2nd anniversary: cotton (choose cotton canvas for your oil or acrylic painting from a picture)
3rd anniversary: leather (opt for a leather effect cotton/poly canvas for oil or acrylic portrait paintings)
4th anniversary: linen (pick a linen canvas for acrylic or oil paintings from photographs)
5th anniversary: wood (a nice wood frame would be symbolic for this anniversary gift in watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil oil or acrylic art from photo
10th anniversary: tin (a shiny tin effect frame would suit this picture to painting gift)
25th anniversary: silver (A premium silver frame for charcoal drawings would befit this day)
30th anniversary: pearl (enjoy a pearl studded frame fitted on an oil painting from photo.
50th anniversary: Gold (of course what could be better than one of the premium Gold frames for this benchmark in two loved ones long matrimony on this special anniversary day)

With an anniversary coming up every year this kind of gift really doesn't get old as there is so many personal things in anyone's life that you could turn from a photo to a painting. For example: If hubby is a car enthusiast – sure he would like one of his photos turned into a beautiful work of art to hang in the office or study. Baby portraits of course, children portraits, family portraits are the most popular. Also pet portraits are always a favourite especially beloved ones that have passed away to bring them back to life in beautiful color paint on canvas. House portraits are popular, A favourite poster of a favourite film turned into an oil painting etc.

The possibilities of what can be painted onto canvas are boundless as Anniversary gifts. Come up with your own custom portrait, something creative and Love Custom Art will make your photographs timeless works of canvas art. Wedding pictures can be painted on canvas and used as anniversary gifts for you and your spouse as a joint anniversary present.

Your precious memories from photographs to custom paintings on canvas by hand, by professionals.

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Anniversary gifts for the Woman or Man your married to is something that can get stale over the years and you need some inspiration? Well, it's simple....

Commission an original piece of canvas art as Anniversary gifts with Love Custom Art!

The digital revolution and all the technology we have at our disposal is adopted in what Love Custom Art do in the photo editing operation, but then backward engineer all that technology in the actual portrait painting process where there will just be an artist with their paint brushes and a blank canvas to paint your customized hand made anniversary gift.

Above all else it is the element of surprise that really captures the imagination when deciding on inventive and original anniversary gifts for your beloved husband or wife, and there is no chance of them being able to guess this kind of photo to painting anniversary gift. They will have no clue as to what gift it will be or what photo you have decided to use out of the many you have collected over the years up to this anniversary to make the most special Anniversary gift of all time!

If you are looking for a great gift for your anniversary - you just found one! Turning your wedding photos into custom art is a lovely way of memorising those special moments you have shared into great artwork that will decorate your walls. Choose from different mediums for your photo and decide on a suitable painting size. A wide selection of frames will set off your painting and give it that finished touch!

FREE Gift wrapping for your anniversary gift

We are (at least to our knowledge) the only Photo to Painting provider offering a free gift wrapping service! You simply choose the gift paper of your choice and we will ship the framed or rolled painting gift wrapped - ready to pass to the gift recipient!

Anniversary gifts

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