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Ideas of Anniversary Painting to Gift Your Partner | Love Custom Art
When reminiscing about the wedding day, you find yourself picking up the wedding album, show family and friends that beautiful day, remembering all the thoughtful Wedding gifts you received.... But, what else can you do with your Wedding album photos now? Try this... Convert your favourite wedding snaps into hand painted custom portraits - Bespoke works of art and make them into post nuptial anniversary gifts. You could have copies painted to hand out to close family and friends.

oil painting as anniversary gift idea

Anniversary Gifts - Made to Order Portrait Art

Here are the names of the anniversary's by the (considered) important years and our suggestions for symbolic anniversary gifts:

1st anniversary: paper (order on protective art paper either in watercolor/charcoal or pencil paintings)
2nd anniversary: cotton (choose cotton canvas for your oil or acrylic painting from a picture)
3rd anniversary: leather (opt for a leather effect cotton/poly canvas for oil or acrylic portrait paintings)
4th anniversary: linen (pick a linen canvas for acrylic or oil paintings from photographs)
5th anniversary: wood (a nice wood frame would be symbolic for this anniversary gift in watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil oil or acrylic art from photo
10th anniversary: tin (a shiny tin effect frame would suit this picture to painting gift)
25th anniversary: silver (A premium silver frame for charcoal drawings would befit this day)
30th anniversary: pearl (enjoy a pearl studded frame fitted on an oil painting from photo.
50th anniversary: Gold (of course what could be better than one of the premium Gold frames for this benchmark in two loved ones long matrimony on this special anniversary day)

With an anniversary coming up every year this kind of gift really doesn't get old as there is so many personal things in anyone's life that you could turn from a photo to a painting. For example: If hubby is a car enthusiast – sure he would like one of his photos turned into a beautiful work of art to hang in the office or study. Baby portraits of course, children portraits, family portraits are the most popular. Also pet portraits are always a favourite especially beloved ones that have passed away to bring them back to life in beautiful color paint on canvas. House portraits are popular, A favourite poster of a favourite film turned into an oil painting etc.

The possibilities of what can be painted onto canvas are boundless as Anniversary gifts. Come up with your own custom portrait, something creative and Love Custom Art will make your photographs timeless works of canvas art. Wedding pictures can be painted on canvas and used as anniversary gifts for you and your spouse as a joint anniversary present.

Your precious memories from photographs to custom paintings on canvas by hand, by professionals.

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