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Photo to painting - FREE Shipping and Gift-wrapping!

portrait artist turn your photo into a painting

The Process of turning your Photo to Painting

Having your photo painted is a great way to keep your memories alive. Everyone of us has some photos we hold dear in our memories and we want to keep them safe. What can you do with a photograph which is not of high enough resolution? Why not have it painted? Our Artist's can work with small photos as long as the details of the figures and subjects are clearly visible.

Our artist are very talented which you can see for yourself in our gallery that showcases some of our recently finished portraits. Please understand that we can not show all the portrait orders we have had so far as we do require the approval of our customers - some of them opted out for privacy reasons.

Our graphic designers can edit your image and prepare it as much as possible so it already looks almost like the finished product - this way you will know you will get the painting you really want as our artist can create in paint a realistic version of the original photo in any medium you choose. We can include people from other photos and put them all together in the same painting - we can remove people and objects from your image and change the background - there are hardly any limits on the graphical editing we can provide. Once the artwork is ready we will send you an email with a preview of the finished portrait and you can either confirm it straight away or ask for modifications. The artist will continue to work on your portrait until you are completely satisfied with the result. Having your favorite image as an oil painting on canvas created by talented artists will keep your memories alive and you will cherish it for much longer without the need of reprinting the image again and again. A hand painted portrait gives your photos the place in your home they deserve. Even with small pictures our artist can work with and create a masterpiece from your own favourite photograph.

Oil paintings on canvas will give your image a vibrancy and the special touch

If you want to remove people from your wedding image for example or you want a different background - all of this is no problem for our artists.
What we offer:
1. Only Top quality canvas and paint material used
2. Professional artists who hand paint your photo
3. Fast Turnaround time
4. Quick delivery through DHL or Fedex Express
5. First-class customer service Team at your disposal

Turning your Photo to into a Painting means for us that we want to offer a first class experience so you come back for more and recommend us to your friends and family.

turn your photo to paintingTurning your black and white picture into a colour painting is also something we can easily do, just tell us exactly what colours you want used in which areas. Custom Art is a great gift idea for any occasion - if you have an image of your family that is very old and you have always wanted a larger copy but it is not possible to have it printed then check with us if we are able to work with it and turn it into a hand painted portrait.

Art Gifts for your special day - Personalised Art from your images

Not just for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine´s day - a portrait is a lovely gift not just on a special day. Let us turn your photo into a very special piece of art that brings back memories and will revive the moment the image was taken. Your order for a Painting created from a photo will be completed within a certain timescale depending on size and quality request. Please contact us with any questions you might have and also read our FAQ about the Portrait from an image process and how a portrait is created by our artists. If there is a deadline you need to make like a birthday or a special occasion, let us know straight away and we will endeavour to get your painting finished in the requested timescale and delivered to the door of the recipient by the deadline. Please choose one of our great styles of wrapping paper and we will also wrap and ship to most places in the world completely free of charge!

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