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How to store your paintings safely until you are ready to hang them up

As soon you have received your finished artwork and you are not yet ready to hang them up, you may be wondering how to store your paintings. What is the safest place? What should be the temperature in the room you store the paintings in? And should you keep them […]

Love Custom Art new website – press release

Love Custom Art new website – press release

Here at Love Custom Art we would like to announce the fact that the new website is finished!!! Well there may be a few creases to iron out and few bugs no doubt but we are proud of the finished article. And would like to […]

Our updated Showcase

Our updated Showcase

View our most recent paintings in a lovely gallery. You can look at the different mediums. You can sort “By Type” and “By Medium”. We are continuously adding more work so we can ensure you see the latest paintings our artists have done.

Victor – he is our main artist for oil paintings! He is very versatile and can work with all sorts of photos. He can paint your pet, your family, your house, and landscapes! Anything really!

Joy – she does our watercolor paintings, charcoal and pencil drawings. She can also paint in pastel. Joy just like Victor has a team of pupil artists which work for us too. You will find their individual work on our showcase soon.

We love his work and he is one of our most loyal artists whilst also working as an art teacher. Some of his pupils work for us as well and we will list their work soon on our showcase. His pupils are surely being trained by one of the best!

Our new art showcase will help you find styles you like best, help with picking the right artist and to get a general feeling of which medium you want your photo painted in.

Should you be unsure which medium works best for your photo; you can always get in touch with our customer service team, who will be more than happy to guide you and give professional advice.

Choose LoveCustomArt to paint your photo!

Portrait Paintings from family photographs

Portrait Paintings from family photographs

We all have family photos in which some of the family members are looking just perfect while others have their eyes closed or simply do not look at all like them. Now Love Custom Art can help! Our photo department can combine different photos into […]

A Dog Painting created from your favorite photos!

A Dog Painting created from your favorite photos!

At Love Custom Art we all love our pets, so we can totally understand that our customers want to create lovely keepsakes of their pets. Many pets are like family members and our best friends. Of course all Pets are special and we can paint […]

Photo To Painting Customer Testimonials

Photo To Painting Customer Testimonials

Customer photo to painting testimonials are always a pleasure to receive here at Love Custom Art, when customers are pleased with not only the finished delivered product but the service and the process as well. Here is what Erik and his fiancé had to say about the painting from photo experience:

Dear Love Custom Art,

This is actually Erik’s fiancé as he is currently indisposed in military training at the moment, but we are thrilled with the painting! He will return from training on the 14th of July and we will select a frame for the piece once he’s back, but in the meantime I was able to have the painting stretched and it looks awesome. We would be happy to send a photo/video testimonial once we get it framed here in the next few weeks, and have already recommended y’all to several of our friends”.

Thanks so much,



The proof you sent is extraordinary. I am extremely impressed by the attention to detail that went into making this painting. The artist clearly put a lot of effort into replicating even the small details of the original work”.


Sorry for the slow response, my training schedule has been hectic. I have attached a photo of the framed painting. I also have a video testimony from my lovely fiancé, however it is too large for me to send over email (37.5 MB compressed). Is there another way I could send it to you? Thanks again, we could not be more pleased with our painting and we will definitely be ordering from love custom art in the future”.

Erik Henderson

Family Portrait Painting from photograph

Get your family photos turned into portrait paintings Check out our latest family portraits – we’ll find it’s a great idea to dust the family albums and to bring the most beautiful pictures to the wall. It is also possible to combine several photos in […]

Love Custom Art Affiliate Invitation

We have now also created special Equestrian Affiliate banners. But of course you may still use the default banners. Here a few samples of banners you can use to advertise our services: Photo to Painting service Affiliate banner     Horse Portrait Paintings – Affiliate […]

Turn my photo into a painting

Turn my photo into a painting

“Turn my photo into a painting” – if this is what you are searching for right now – then you have come to the right place! Love Custom Art can turn your photo into great hand painted paintings! Our photo department will firstly check your photo to ensure the quality is suitable and if needed they will work with you on improving your photo or making any alterations you have asked for during the order process.

Once your photo is approved by you, our artists will turn your photo into a painting. As soon your painting has been completed by our professional artists we will email you with an image of your painting so you can view it and ask for modifications if necessary.

Our highest priority is Customer Service and we will be with you every step of the way to guarantee a smooth order process.

Turn my photo into a painting now!

How to commission a Portrait Painting?

Are you considering to commission a Portrait Painting? There is actually not much you need to look out for, at least not if you opt for Love Custom Art to create your Painting. The Customer Service Team and the Artist will make the whole process […]