Our Photo Department did a great job turning the well known “Napoleon crossing the alps” painting into Custom Art from a photograph. In fact several photos were needed to achieve this result and to ensure the painting would turn out just as our customer envisioned it.We are very pleased with this result!

This is a great example of what we are capable off! Any known painting can be merged with your photos – we may need to check with you for more photos if the ones you have chosen do not naturally fit the body position of the person in the painting. These are the kind of paintings that we love! A funny idea to surprise friends and family with a really unique gift! Why not choose a Klimt painting or turn yourself into the new Mona Lisa?

The photo editing part is done by professional photo designers who can achieve almost anything you can imagine! Try us out and we will do our best with your ideas! Nothing will be painted by the artists unless you approve the photo preview! Merging several photos together into one great painting is also possible and it will allow you to bring the whole family together into one painting even though they have never been all together at the same time!

Our Photo Editing is and will remain free of charge as service included in every painting order you submit!
See some examples here: https://www.lovecustomart.com/photo-retouching.php

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