At Love Custom Art we all love our pets, so we can totally understand that our customers want to create lovely keepsakes of their pets.

Many pets are like family members and our best friends. Of course all Pets are special and we can paint any pet photo, but dog paintings are still the most popular. In the below example we have incorporated the photo of the dog as puppy on customer request and with the white and silver frame it has truely become a great piece of art!

Love Custom Art has great photo editors who prepare your photos before they are passed to an artist and they will work with you until you are fully satisfied and only after your approval will the photo go to an artist. This way we can ensure that you are fully integrated in the progress and you will know what to expect.

Once the dog painting has been completed you will receive a photo via email to allow you to request changes to the painting or of course you may approve it right away. Portraits of pets make not only great artwork they capture those special moments we want to remember always.

If you are looking for a gift for a pet owner this is truly a wonderful idea! If you are unsure which photo to use you can always order a gift certificate as well!

Order a dog painting from your favorite photographs

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