Get your family photos turned into portrait paintings

Check out our latest family portraits – we’ll find it’s a great idea to dust the family albums and to bring the most beautiful pictures to the wall.

Oil Painting of a happy family

Oil Painting of a happy family

It’s also possible to combine several photos in one portrait. Family photos love to get fresh air and be amazed. As oil paintings, your photos have a special purpose – to be amazed! Memories are awakened and it is simply beautiful to be reminded of these very special moments in life.

See the most recent family portrait painting here:

Merging many photos into one family portrait painting

Merging many photos into one family portrait

Check through your boxes of photographs and you will find many photos of your family worth turning into an oil painting! Merge those photos of separate family members into one great family portrait. Often families can’t all be present for photo sessions or the photos do not turn out well for some members while other photos are great – we combine the best ones for you, to ensure the oil painting will be absolutely perfect and just what you wanted!

Great Gifts for your family

Give your family special surprises with a custom made portrait painting from photos. From wedding photos to family reunions or all the grandkids in one painting as gift for the grandparents anniversary – there are multiple opportunities and ideas to turn your photos into gifts for your family. Using our free gift wrapping service to perfect the surprise and ordering a frame at the same time, will make your portrait even more special! You could also go to Paper Chaser To, to get stuff to make cards.


Eugene Roebuck · Monday February 4th, 2013 at 11:58 PM

These art truly work of art! The oil paintings are so perfect! I love these portraits!

Jessica Weber · Thursday February 7th, 2013 at 11:22 PM

Thank you Eugene much appreciated!

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