Are you considering to commission a Portrait Painting?

There is actually not much you need to look out for, at least not if you opt for Love Custom Art to create your Painting.

The Customer Service Team and the Artist will make the whole process of commissioning your very own Oil Painting or Charcoal drawing as easy as a walk in the park! Let us take you by the hand and show you just how easy it can be and we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

We will be there to assist at any time you need to query anything or aren’t sure how your artwork is going. We can set up a conference call with the artist on our live chat feature which you can then tel them first hand what you would like to be done rather than one of the customer service team relying what you are trying to convey. This procedure will make sure that you and your photo painter are on the same page and there can be no mistakes or misunderstandings moving forward to the completion of your custom painting.

There are three key points – Select – Submit – Wait:

  1. Select the best photo – choose wisely and look for a good quality photo (by good quality we mean that the details of the subject or object that you want painted is clearly visible and not blurry or half covered by something else).
  2. Submit your photo and the order details by using the easy order process on Love Custom Art’s website to commission your portrait by adding to the comments box how you would like the artist to go about your commissioned artwork.
  3. Wait for the photo of the painting which will be emailed to you so you get the chance to ask for modifications if necessary.

Start your Portrait Painting from Photograph today!

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