Here at Love Custom Art we would like to announce the fact that the new website is finished!!!

Well there may be a few creases to iron out and few bugs no doubt but we are proud of the finished article. And would like to let you know we have shot out a Press Release that we hope you will help us to make it go viral.

Let me give you a quick summation of what is in the PR….

The new website is completely interactive, modernized and much easier to navigate. This is what LCA had in mind when we got together with the designers that we wanted it as easy to navigate for the user as we could get it and I think we have done so! Well, I don’t think so I know so….

Also now the website is completely set up for mobile so you can surf the site with ease and place orders from a mobile device, cell phone, tablet etc..

The order process has been simplified so it doesn’t take as long to get to the end of the shopping cart. We all know how exasperating it can be to have to fill out pages of info before you get to pay and be on your way.. We have streamlined it so we only take the minimum amount of information needed so you can be in and through to the end swimmingly.

Visit the new site

So please read our Press Release and send the link to all you know to make it go viral here:

For your support we would like to give you a 30% discount code to have your own handmade piece of artwork from photo to painting here: SAVE30

Thanks for your time!

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