We have a fine array of products to choose from and in our business, the custom art world, we have tried to offer a more diverse selection than our competitors. Our flagship product is custom, bespoke paintings painted by hand but we do have some other great products to choose from for your visual pleasure. Choose between our different art mediums and have your photo hand-painted by our professional artists.We can paint almost any image you choose not just from photographs but also from a poster or replicate another painting if you wish, just be sure to send us a version that the artist will be able to paint from. Must be clear enough to see the details of the image.

Or you can choose a very special product, we are sure you’ll agree, a piece of Metal artwork, an aluminum canvas which is printed on with an image you choose, again, must be clear of course, good enough to print on the metal then one of our master craftsmen, with a four inch angle grinder will add to the canvas his skill’s – see video here: Metal Wall Art We are sure you’ll agree that is really something special and not known to many. Sow WoW your friends and family with something different.

You can also choose to order our Multi-Panel Art from your photos. Customized and Hand-painted the same as our single canvases but we also have a selection of stock designs which you can choose to have painted from scratch if you don’t have a photo in mind.

And last but least: Custom Logo Mats. We can print your company logo on fine quality logo mats. With a selection of rug piles, single nylon yarn, twist frieze nylon yarn or twist straight nylon yarn and top quality Nitrile rubber backing. For Hotels and place of business but can be used in the home as a personalized logo mat as a great dust collector or even as a dog or cat bed.

portrait paintings split panel paintings Logo Mats Metal Art
oil-painting watercolor charcoal

Oil paintings


Charcoal painting

Pencil Acryl pastel

Pencil drawing

Acrylic painting

Pastel painting

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