We all have family photos in which some of the family members are looking just perfect in the picture while others have their eyes closed or do not look at the camera. It would be a shame to lose such a good pose of one character in photo because the other or others haven’t come out so well, which essentially spoils the picture and doesn’t make the photo as good as it should be because of the moment captured. Now Love Custom Art can help! Our photo department can combine different photos into one and create the Family Portrait you have been dreaming of and will endeavor to make the painting you had in mind in the first place.

Your photos will be combined by a professional photo editor which you can guide and instruct as to how you want the picture to look once edited and ready for painting, and only after your approval will the artists at Love Custom Art start the painting or drawing! We will, of course guide you through all aspects of our system and make sure that you are fully aware and inform every step of the way.

This is a fabulous gift idea for the holidays or any special occasion and surely will be a great surprise for your family – be it the grand parents (a painting of all grand children), be it your parents (a collage of their wedding photo and a more recent photo imposed), be it your aunts children who live in different states and rarely ever get to see each other at the same time… the possibilities for a great Portrait gift idea are endless!

The customer service department at Love Custom Art can help you with your decision on which photos work best for all your portrait paintings from family photographs plus free image consultation if you are in anyway concerned, we will put your mind at rest and give you the best advice possible so you can order in complete confidence.

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