How to store your paintings safely until you are ready to hang them up

As soon you have received your finished artwork and you are not yet ready to hang them up, you may be wondering how to store your paintings. What is the safest place? What should be the temperature in the room you store the paintings in? And should you keep them rolled up or is it best to have them framed and then store them?

LoveCustomArt gives advise on “How to store your paintings?”

Keep your paintings in a cool place

how to store your paintings in a rack
Store many paintings in a rack to avoid condensation built up

Humidity and high temperatures are not good for your painting (especially for an oil painting!) You should avoid big temperature changes as cracks and warping of the painting can occur. All the professional art storage providers provide special dehumidifiers to ensure the environment, in which the paintings are stored is nothing but perfect. A general guideline to keep your oil painting safe (really this can be applied for all kinds of paintings as well) is to keep the humidity in a room to around 45% and the ideal temperature should be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

What packaging to use?

When you first receive the artwork from (in specific to oil paints) they will need to dry. Even though the paint feels dry to the touch. It will take a few more weeks to be fully dry! Protection is key during this time! Do not remove the protective foil layer, if you are not ready to hang it up yet! Keep the foil on to protect the painting from dust and other particles in the air.

rolled artwork
Storing your paintings rolled

Keep the oil painting rolled! It will not cause any issues as the normal process is to stretch the painting as soon you are ready to frame it. This will smooth out the rolled look! Do not worry to store an oil painting for a long time in its rolled form, until you are ready to frame it! An already framed painting should remain in the box or in a layer of breathable fabric to keep it safe.

The bubble wrap around the painting should be removed as soon the drying period is over. It can block the air circulation and you should  avoid condensation building up and causing water damage.

Getting your painting framed

You did not pick a frame when ordering from Our customers you should be aware that oil and acrylic paintings are best stretched. Those mediums are painted on canvas which require a firm stabilisation to avoid warping of the canvas over time. Should the stretcher bars have the canvas pulled too tight and firm, this can cause issues during a significant temperature change! Ensure that you will pick an expert framer. The framer will take those potential risks into consideration. A professional service will explain the best practice that during winter vs. summer. Another important part is to check the stretching of a painting during very dry temperatures to avoid tearing. Best is to avoid big temperature changes as mentioned above in this article. View the available frames LoveCustomArt offers!

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