Christmas Gift ideas
oil painting as christmas gift ideaPortrait Paintings from photograph are a lovely gift idea for any occasion. Original gifts are hard to find - if you are looking for an original Christmas gift - look no further!

You also have the option to select between different frames, a gallery wrap or have the painting delivered rolled up in a protective art tube.

Can I receive a hand painted painting or drawing in time for Christmas?

For a Christmas delivery you should calculate at least 2-3 weeks to ensure that you receive the painting in time. This will be one christmas gift you will love to give and it will be talked about for weeks after. The results of a painting to photo process are astonishing and as a christmas gift you could not pick anything better.

Many of Love Custom Art customers have opted to order a painting during christmas time.The busiest season for our artist's is therefore during christmas and we suggest you order your christmas gift as soon as possible to guarantee a delivery before the holidays.

If you have not yet ordered a hand painted portrait from photograph you might like to know a bit more about the whole process and how Love Custom Art will turn your photo into a portrait painting.

We would firstly recommend "newcomers" to check through our gallery page and see the before and after effect of the different mediums. Each art medium has its special way to turn a photo into a painting.
As soon you know which medium you would like - you submit your order directly online and upload the photo that you want turned into a painting. The next step is that our photo department will work with your photo and ensure it is suitable for the artist - once you and the photo editor have given their "ok" we will pass the photo to the artist. The timeframe on how long a painting takes depends on many factors, some are size, type of painting and amount of subjects. The painting preview will be emailed to you and you can confirm it or ask for changes. Only after you have confirmed the painting we will ship the painting to you.

Christmas Gift ideas are never easyto come by and especially after several years that you know a person it will become more and more difficult to surprise with a great and unique gift!

An oil painting as a medium is certainly one of the more realistic choices and you will receive a painting that looks as much as possible as the original photo. With watercolor you will receive a more artistic painting without too many details - that is due to the colors used and the different brush stroke technique. With charcoal or pencil drawings you naturally will receive a black and white result (unless you pick color pencil)

As already mentioned please allow enough time for orders for Christmas to be completed and shipped - please contact us if you are ordering last minute and we will be able to advise if there is enough time to have your painting ready. Give us and yourself enough time to make do modifications to the painting and allow time for the shipping - count 2-3 days to the US/Canada. Feel free to contact us at any time if you want to prepare a christmas gift order in advance we can start a painting early and have it shipped a few weeks later (in case you do not want it to be shipped straight away).

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'Christmas comes but once a year' and when it comes around again it is time to hit the shops/websites and snap up some Christmas gifts for the family, friends, colleagues etc.  

Do you want an original Christmas gift in the form of a Hand Painted Portrait this year?

Then Love Custom Art are here to service all your artistic needs for that self customized one of a kind painting from a picture.

Love Custom Art have an array of mediums to choose from when ordering hand painted portrait paintings for Christmas gifts. Make a special surprise on Christmas day this year and commission a professional portrait artist to turn your photos into paintings.

Love Custom Art turn memories of the past into stunning works of art from your precious  photographs!

Make this year's Christmas complete with a customized portrait painting of something or someone you love.

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Christmas gifts

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