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Looking for Custom Art? Portraits from Photos by

Custom Art Portraits from photos are our speciality. You can send us your photo and it will be turned into a hand painted portrait on canvas. Talented artists paint your photo in oil, this makes a great gift for any occasion.

Get your very own hand made Custom Art Portraits from photographs

Turning a photo into painting is a wonderful way to keep your photos alive. We can turn black and white photos into colorful art portraits. Old photos where you have only got the hard copy can be scanned and then used for a large portrait painting. Our artist can work with small images as long the photos show enough detail to work with.

We can also add or impose people, places, backgrounds in the editing process so you can completely recreate custom art from changing your photo, even people whom are no longer with us can be put in the picture if you would like, from another photo you have of them and impose them with the rest of the family in another photo, for example, to then be translated into Custom Art Portraits.

You can chose to have a oil painting, or there are other formats of paint you may chose to go with to have different custom art portraits like: pastel, watercolour, charcoal, pencil, colour pencil, whichever you chose you can have your photo or photos combined to create a truly wonderful piece of custom art designed by yourself and painted by a professional.

Then you may also want to have your portraits framed or stretched around a frame which we call gallery wrap which we can deliver up to 30x40 inches or you may wish to have a larger size rolled in a tube and then have it framed locally – the choice is yours – the ordering process is quick and easy as explained below.

To start the painting process use these simple steps:

1. Choose the size of your portrait
2. Select how many figures you want painted
3. Choose rolled or stretched canvas

We will now work on your photo and prepare it for the artist. Once your photo is ready for the artist it will take a few days/weeks to complete your painting.

order now - photo to painting service as gift idea



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