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Custom Oil Painting
A custom oil painting as a gift is a wonderful surprise and a very unique one to present on special occasions or as a corporate offering when introducing partnerships for example.

Oil Painting of a pink poui tree painted from photo

Order your Custom Oil Painting

Oil reproductions of the greats; in our time past and present, is another option with which you can make a custom oil painting as a gift, commissioned for someone whom loves art but cannot spend the sort of money it takes to obtain the original.

Replicated exactly by talented Artists, (as long as there is no copyright attached), you will be surprised at the level of detail and the perfect match that the Artists can achieve in the painting, which also makes a wonderful gift for the more discerning palate shall we say?

A custom oil painting can be anything the heart desires especially being taken from a photo of your choice (or photos) and can be edited in anyway you wish before it is sent off to be painted in the style or genre that is most preferred by you.

Call one of the team at Love Custom Art to assist in choosing the right medium and find out, specifically if your photo would not translate well as a custom oil painting but rather pastel, charcoal or pencil;  for example, the team is always happy to help and advise you on all aspects of the custom oil painting process that you are not sure of and would like to be more informed before you place your order.

Oil is the most popular medium and at the same time the most versatile on the canvas for most photos but there are examples where another medium would be more beneficial as stated above for certain photos which you can discuss in the image consultation Love Custom Art offers absolutely free, all part of the custom oil painting service.

Commission your own one off custom oil painting from your own original photos today at very affordable prices.

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