Custom oil Portrait
Portrait paintings from your photograph - Custom Oil portraits are the speciality from Love Custom Art.
self portrait of a man as oil paintinglandscape oil painting

Turn your photos into custom oil portraits - Hand Painted by portrait artists

We all have our memories and when we fill nostalgic about someone whom we cared about or a place in time that has passed, we can remind our selves of the good times by our photo albums, take a trip down memory lane, but wouldn't it be nice if you could transform those photo's into a painting, an actual custom oil portrait, a piece of art to take you back to those times through vibrant paint and colours or black & white if you want to keep the realism. It's up to you what way you want to go with your photo and your custom oil portrait. You can choose what colours, what background anything you wish to have imposed is absolutely no problem and then changed by us by liasoning with you when the artist is painting if it doesn't translate as well as what you actually had in mind when going through the photo editing process.

Your photo's can be edited to change parts of the photo that you think could have been taken better at the time or even have people added into the photo whom you wish where there then transformed from your new edited photo into a personal custom oil portrait. When going through the journey of photo to painting we really do want you to be as involved as possible to make this an enjoyable experience and not be perturbed by anything so as we can make the process as smooth as possible for you and for us also all the way to the delivery of your custom oil portrait.

Another touch we can provide is you can have a message incorporated into the photo edit e.g. 'welcome home' or even a poem to then be translated onto the canvas within your custom oil portrait.

You can have one of our professional artists turn your photo's into 100% hand painted custom oil portrait to your specifications for very competitive prices. All of our artists are real people in a studio painting them by hand ( our paintings are not computer generated )!


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