Order your very own Custom paintings from photos at affordable prices
Love Custom Art specialises in custom paintings from your photos. Professional artists will transform your photo into a portrait onto canvas painted by hand.

Turn your photo into a creative portrait painting onto 100% cotton canvas

Our photo to painting service makes a great gift for Birthdays, Anniversary's, Father's day, Mother's day, any day you choose to give a special gift to a loved one which will last for generations to come!

Anyone whom would like a gift to present to someone that they love from a time in their life captured in a photographic moment, a piece of history turned into a portrait by a professional then portrait paintings is the place to go!!

Mother, Father and baby portraits are very popular, newborns or first day at school, art of your photos are a great way to remember that special time. Let the artwork take you back to that very moment in time and can often inspire that same feeling again.

There are many considerations when you are commissioning your own painting of a photo, what kind of background, what colours, maybe you would like to add someone in the frame, this is all possible when you choose to make portrait paintings as we can incorporate all these things and more in the photo editing process.

Then when it goes to the artist to paint you have already approved the edited photo so there will be a decisive photo to work from during the process of Custom Paintings from Photos. Also there are many different style's of paints you can choose from to add to the personalization of all of our portrait paintings.

watercolor painting from photos

When embarking on this journey we want you to have the best experience possible from the moment we receive your photo until the painting is delivered to your door either framed, gallery wrapped or rolled in a protective art tube. Oil paintings can be such a joyful experience so here at Love Custom Art we ask you to come on that journey with us – we are specialists in turning your photo into art!

Get started!

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