Custom Portraits
All custom portraits are 100% hand painted by university graduate talented professional portrait artists at affordable prices. Love Custom Art have a very dedicated team of professional digital imaging artists, photo editors and graphic designers to assist you any time in the photo to painting design process.

portrait artist turn your photo into a painting

Custom Portraits by Love Custom Art with a free image consultation service

Just send in the photos you wish to have painted ( before you place an order ) and one of our professionals will review them and meticulously analyse to see if the resolution is high enough and all the detail is clear enough to achieve gallery quality custom portraits. If not you will be advised as to whether our professional photo editors could enhance the image or advise you to provide different photos, rather than you placing an order and subsequently finding out a photo is unusable for the level of quality that is desired by all for personalized custom portraits.
The photo editing service we offer is completely free too! As soon as you have placed your order. Once your photo has been uploaded our photo editors will start work on a proof right away. You can also choose to have a different background imposed at this point or a montage or collage before it is sent to an artist to paint personalized custom portraits. Once the first proof of your painting has been finished it will be vigorously inspected by our master artist and then sent for your approval. At this point if you are not totally satisfied you can make alterations until you are completely happy with the results. Commission an original
Are you stumped as to what present to get a loved one? Well it's easy.... Have one (or several) of your favourite pictures turned into a original portrait painting!
With the revolution of the digital era, and the advances in technology, what Love Custom Art do is embrace all the technology when editing photos but then reverse engineer all that technology used by going back to the old age craft of painting custom portraits on canvas by hand with the primitive ancient technique of paint, brushes a blank canvas and a whole lot of talent!
You capture the memory and Love Custom Art will turn that memory into custom portraits.

Order your Custom Portraits Today!

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