Dog Portraits
A wonderful gift is always, dog portraits from personal photographs for you, friends & family. You can simply turn your favourite photos into beautiful works of art! In oil, pastel, watercolour, charcoal, by a professional artist on quality 100% cotton canvas. 

dog portrait painting from a picture

Dog Portrait Paintings created from your Photos

Dog's go back as companions of humankind almost 15,000 years and are descendant's of grey wolves. They truly are man's best friend and have been for a long time. Humankind has used dog's for hunting, herding, load pulling, protection, military, companionship, police assistance and also being invaluable aids to handicapped people.

There are an estimated, as of a 2001 study - 400 million dogs in the world and since the human race domesticated them, as a result, we have engineered a lot of different breeds.Research has shown that owning a dog can be a contributing factor and quite advantageous to a persons physical and physiological well being. Dog and Cat owners have shown that they are statistically less likely to need a trip to the doctors than people whom don't have pet companions and also are far more less prone to taking anti-depression drugs. Dog owners tend to be fitter than the average cat owner as dogs need so much more exercise than cats and cats can be let out on their own to exercise themselves.
Now there are so many different breeds, and along with cat's, are in a lot of homes all over the planet, so here at Love Custom art we would like to invite you to commission dog portraits of your favourite animals to hang in your home as a piece of original art from your photographs.
There is no need for an artist to come to your home, all you need to do is upload your photo to Love Custom Art and we will take care of your dog portraits, cat portraits, from your photos and to your specific requirements.It is a wonderful time to be able to have your own hand painted portraits delivered to your door and all you have to do is choose the photo you would like converted onto canvas and if you wish, add other dogs in there in the editing process if you have two or more dogs but you have them in different photos we can impose all three dogs into one photo and then transfer onto the canvas from the edited photo painted by a professional artist.

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Dog Painting created from a photograph


“To the wonderful people at Love Custom Art, I am so glad I chose your photo painting artists to paint a portrait of my recently passed dog. The painting claims center space on my home office wall where I spend my days, so I can always have the reminder of my beloved CJ. Again, thank you!”


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