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We have a selection of the most popular standard and premium frames: View frames. We have a much wider selection of frames in our warehouse to choose from. If you have specific requirements use the comment box during the order to ask if your frame is possible or alternatively speak to one of our representatives on either our on-line chat or by calling direct on the numbers at the top of the home page or on the contact us page.


A gallery wrap is a finished, ready-to-hang canvas portrait painting with no visible frame. The custom painting is visible on the sides of the gallery wrap. Click on the link above to view frames and an example of a gallery wrapped oil painting from photo.



Photo Choice, Sending and Editing


You can submit your photo on the order page by clicking on 'upload image'. During this process you may have to wait a few minutes depending on the size of the file you are trying to upload. If the image you are trying to upload is over 8MB or if you prefer to, feel free to attach your image to an email to: sales@lovecustomart.com. If you only have a hard copy there are a few options: you can take your hard copy to a shop to be scanned and put onto disc or USB drive then you will be able to get it over to us; or if you have a friend or relative that could scan it for you and save you the trip to the shop.



We can work with almost any photo as long the details of subjects (people or pets) are visible enough to see the defining details to allow the artist to produce a quality custom painting. Please email us the photos you have in mind before you submit your order and our customer service team will be able to provide a free image consultation service and advise you if the photos resolution is high enough to paint your photo.


Yes, we have very talented photo editors that can change your photo according to your requirements. Just to mention a few things that are possible:
                              - removing or adding of objects, people or pets
                              - merging several photos into one
                              - changing colors of clothing, hair, objects etc.
                              - changing the background
                              - adding text to the image
The photo editing service is included in the price (unless your requirements are extensive and will require more time than usual - should your requests take longer we will advise before hand and what extra costs would be charged).[sv]

Yes, we have very talented photo editors who can edit your photo to your liking. To name just a few things that are possible:
                                  - Delete or add objects, people or pets
                              - Merge multiple photos into one 
                              - Change colors of clothes, hair, objects, etc. 
                              - Change the background 
                              - Add text to the photo                                


The photo editing service is included in the price (unless your requirements are extensive and require more time than usual - if your requirements take longer, we will notify you in advance and charge extra costs).

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