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Father's Day gift ideas

Father's Day: How it Began And Photo to Painting Hand Made Gifts

Hand painted portrait as Father's Day gift idea

Hand painted portrait as Father's Day gift idea


Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most countries, but it varies in some other countries around the world thaat we are going to get well. Father's Day began to be celebrated in the United States Due to the success of Anna Jarvis as the beginning of the 1900s introduced the Mothers day which made people like to celebrate other family members also.


Father's Day was said to be started by Sonora Dodd of Washington after listening to a Mother's Day sermon (1909), she wondered why it was not the celebration of fathers - since her mother died in childbirth when Sonara only be 16 and her father bred family on their hand - dv.s child, her and her siblings.

Sonora started a campaign to get the day into service in Spokane, Washington, which was supported in full by the Ministerial Association and the local Young Men's Christian association (YMCA). Since the first Father's Day was celebrated June 19, 1910, took the cities around the United States soon after.


1966 President Lyndon Johnson declared the third Sunday in June as Father's Day and in 1972 President Nixon made it a permanent national holiday.

In Britain

Declared it as a holiday, so all we dads have worked if it was on a Sunday we celebrated, which usually means in the UK to the family get together and the sons and daughters give their gifts to their dad, often gifts made by hand and so spend the day together.


This day has a very interesting history that is very old and dates back to the ancient world of Babylon. Some researchers have documented that a boy named Elmesu carved a message on a clay tablet (card) nearly 4,000 years ago, thousands of years BC to his Father to celebrate Father's Day and wish him the best of health and a very long life.

Father's Day varies in other countries

Many countries celebrate March 19: Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, to name a few interesting enough in Australia so it is not celebrated until the first Sunday in September - the first Sunday of spring, even in Thailand is celebrated on the King's birthday, which is not the bow it 5 December. In Germany, the festival is celebrated on Ascension Day (commemorating the ascension of Jesus to heaven) that lands 40 days after Easter, a federal holiday in Germany.

Father's Day gift

This year, for all your Father's Day Gifts, I have found the best gift for my old dad where you can turn your photo into a painting! Painted by professional artists on canvas. You can take your memories of life from photo to painting painted, old photos painted on canvas is a truly wonderful Father's Day gift, and one day he will remember. Choose an oil painting or watercolor painting or a pastel painting, acrylic painting, charcoal painting or a pencil / color pencil painting for your dad on Father's Day!

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