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Father's Day
A Father with his family on vacation

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Celebrate Father's Day with Love Custom Art's hand made gifts from a favorite photo for your Father turned into artwork on this special day to show how much you really care. This is a day to appreciate all the Father's for who they are and how much they do, but first lets get some historical background in and how the celebration day all began:

Brief History

Father's Day is falls on the 3rd Sunday of June in most countries and was first thought about during the early 20th century after recognizing Mother's Day when Anna Jarvis had the first memorial recognized on May 10, 1908 for her Mother and all Mother's remembrance making the first official observance of Mother's Day.

Because of Anna Jarvis' success people wanted to have celebration day's for other family members which lead to the formation of Father's Day as we know it today.

Father's day festival was started by Sonora Dodd after listening to her Mother's Day sermon (1909) she wondered why there wasn't a same celebration dedicated to Father's as she was raised by her Father after her Mother died giving birth. Sonara lead the campaign with full support from YMCA in Spokane Washington which was successful and the first Father's Day was celebrated on 19th June 1910.

Different Countries

Most countries across the planet celebrate Father's Day on the 3rd Sunday of June – this year landing on the 19th June but in some places it does vary from country to country

Handmade gifts are sometimes a traditional offering when presenting Father's Day Gifts on Father's Day. So why not bring his memories back to life on the canvas from photos to paintings in a choice of mediums: Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, Acrylic, Charcoal Drawing or a Pencil/Color Pencil Drawing?


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