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Turn your photos into paintings with us on Mother's day at Love Custom Art. We specialise in photos to paintings. All painted for you by professional artists. Or as an alternative – a print onto canvas; there are many different styles to choose from if you wish to be a bit off the wall at Love Custom Prints.

At this special time of the year the best gift you could present your Mother with is a personal work of art commissioned especially for your loved one on Mother's day.

Mother's day only comes but once a year and this year make it a real special one commissioning your own personal piece of vibrant art from a memorable time in your life or your loved one's on Mother's day from a photo of your choice.

Your photo will be worked on by professional graphic designer whether you choose to go for a hand painted work of art or a print onto canvas from a favourite photo the choice is yours.

portrait artist for cool gift idea Turn your photos into paintings with us on Mother's day at Love Custom Art. We specialise in photos to paintings. All painted for you by professional artists.

Mother's Day Gifts from - Portrait Artists turn your Photos into Paintings and Drawings

"We can turn back the sands of time" by using one of your pictures from times passed and merging it with some in the present day.

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Where does Mother's Day originate?

The day is celebrated in many different ways and also on different days around the world - most countries celebrate the day between March and May. Celebrations relating to motherhood can be traced back to the Greek cult to Cybele or in Roman times the festival for Hilaria - however the way this day is celebrated is not connected to the ancient times.

Julia War Howe wrote the "Mother's Day Proclamation" in 1870, as a pacifist counterpart to the carnage of the American Civil war and the Franco-Prussian War. Howe's being a feminist stated that women had the responsibility to support and help shaping the society also on a political level.

Years after, Ann Jarvis founded 5 Mothers Day Work Clubs to help with the improvisation of sanitary and health conditions. Two years after she died her daughter Anna Jarvis started a campaign to make Mother's Day recognized as a holiday in the United States in memory of her mother. She was finally successful 7 years later in 1914.

Our Custom art will make a wonderful surprise for your Mother on Mother´s Day! Mothers Day gift idea from your very own photograph will make it a unique and very original present.

In America

Mother's Day was invented in America and of course has been designated as a national holiday. Mother's Day was first getting organised in 1868 by a lady called Anne Jarvis. Mother's Day was first called “Mother's Friendship Day” which was organised for the purpose of Mother's whom had lost their sons during the American civil war so they had some way of getting together to commemorate their loss.

The origin has been emulated by the modern world from ancient celebrations of Greece, Rome and Christian Mothering Sunday but in actual fact; not descended from there, but from the outcome of the American Civil War (1861 to 1865) as stated above.

Christian Mothering Sunday

Is a Christian holiday celebrated in the UK (Mar 10 2013) in the Same way as Mother's Day in the US and around the world first established in Europe in the period of lent (which lands on the 4th Sunday of Lent each year) and derived from this Christian annual season of penitence and fasting. Taken part in by Roman Catholic, Anglican and other Churches for 46 days (starting on Ash Wednesday) and for the duration leading up to the day before Easter.

The Roman Catholic Church celebrates all Mother's this time of year but also for a large part devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. All around Italy you will see shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary, in the homes of Catholics, even on the roadside with candles lit in her honour.

In Greek Orthodoxy the title given to Mary, Mother of Jesus is Theotokos; also in the Eastern Orthodox Church (which is the second largest to the Roman Catholic) pracised mainly in Eastern Europe and stretching out to the Arab world in the middle-East and as far as Syria which also worship Theotokos (Virgin Mary) on Christian Mothering Sunday.

Make this a special Mother's day for special Mom

Mother's Day Gift idea - Turn your Photos into Paintings

Mother's Day is special time of year for the family to celebrate our Mom's and all that they do for us or have done in the past and everything they will do in the future.

“Love Custom Art can turn back the sands of time” by you choosing a picture from the past and merging it with a present one from the future!

For example: A Grandmother whom sadly passed before she got to meet her Grandchildren. Could have photos merged in the editing room to make Granny come back from the future and be in present day in a photo with her Grandchildren to then be turned from a photo into a painting.

Or vice versa the Grandchildren could be whisked back into time to be added in an old picture in the editing process so you have an old style painting from a photo with them all together in one portrait painting to gift to Mom whom lost her Mom and never saw them all together.

Also it is possible to choose a neutral background so it could be from any period of time, passed, present or future. A nice Blue or Beige for example, with big brush stokes so it looks nice and rustic on the canvas in Oil as an Oil Portrait or an Acrylic landscape Painting, Watercolor Painting, Pastel Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Pencil/Colour Pencil Drawing.

And consider this unique gift for any time of the year not just for Mother's Day but for Christmas gift Ideas, Birthday Gift Ideas, Fathers Day Gift Ideas etc.

A beautiful sentiment and a wonderful gift idea!

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