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Turn your memories into traditional hand painted pictures
Portraits from photographs are a very special gift to present to someone dear to you or even in a commercial context to present to business partners etc.

portrait paintings from your photographs painted by hand

Photograph to painting is a very special technique and a very special gift to present to someone dear to you or even in a commercial context to present to a business partner. All of our paintings are hand painted by professionals at a very high level to art gallery quality in a classic, contemporary or abstract style.

Have Your Photographs Hand-Painted, Your Photos Painted on 100% Linen Canvas

We have many different styles to offer and a very colorful portfolio of portraits and landscape paintings here: Painted Pictures by LoveCustomArt. Wedding hand painted portraits from photographs are very popular in Oil as the cost of a sit down session with an artist would be more expensive and time consuming, all we need is the photo to paint to effect the same outcome. Also new born baby portraits are very popular, family, pets and quite a few classic cars for the enthusiasts. 

The Process of How Hand Painted Portraits from photographs Are Created

As the photo painting process goes along our clients have full control over the outcome of their photograph to painting and can also change their photo in the editing process as he or she pleases to achieve the best and most accurate portrayal possible. So there is a lot more to the photo to painting process than just commissioning a photo painter and waiting for the outcome, our customers have the say in what we do from the editing of the photo/photos to the finished piece and can change it at any time. Our customers love that flexibility and not the rigidity of some artists where the finished article will not be modified at all. We also only use the best quality canvases and paints to provide our clients with museum quality hand painted pictures to adorn the place of there choice. Also you can have your painted portrait either framed, or simply rolled in a tube to then have it framed at local shop at your convenience. We can only ship with a frame up to the size: 30 x 40 inches as there is a strong possibility of damage in transit.

Then Your Hand Painted Pictures Will Be Delivered Within Three Days To Your Door All Around The World Fully Insured.

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