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Love Custom Art Keepsakes - oil portrait from photographs
Great gift ideas are something personal, keepsakes, something that can last a life time, and beyond. A piece of art always goes down well but to personalise it is even better. Choose some loving words to have worked into the piece anywhere you choose.

hand made painting as keepsake

Create a Keepsake with a cool made to order Oil Painting

A family portrait for keepsakes on Mother's day is a fantastic gift which can be delivered to arrive on the day as a wonderful surprise.

Choose from a selection of frames or choose gallery wrap (stretched canvas around a frame) or simply rolled in a tube to be framed at your convenience locally to finish off your personalized keepsake. Choosing a Mother's day gift can be very difficult as they have pretty much all been done before and it is hard to find something original and not mundane. You and all the Mother's out there will Love Custom Art personalized bespoke 100% hand made keepsake paintings by professional artists.

This as a keepsake is also an excellent gift idea for any special day in the calender you choose as this product is so versatile in that anything can be painted from bridge over a river to a wedding photo of 10 people. All that is needed is the quality of the photo to be of high enough resolution to see all the details of the people's faces etc.

An oil portrait is a wonderful keepsake and a very nice process to go through, to commission your own piece of art for that someone special.

You can also have a portrait of a special pet, from a Dog, Cat or Cockatoo as a keepsake gift for a friend or loved one in any style you choose.

Also a great way to document the birth of a child! What could be a better way than using the photograph's you take on the day to then be turned into an amazing work of art, rather than just the photo's documenting the birth of a loved one, have an oil portrait as a lasting keepsake.

Which will actually last for generations – remember, "photo's fade canvases don't".

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