Metal Wall Art

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Metal Wall Art

Our new product we are proud to present is ready to hang hand crafted metal art. Hand-made by our master artists we can customize your metal canvas from your photographs – or take a look at our ready to hang metal crafts in stock for the home or business office.

How is the Metal Art created?

Step 1 the grinding

First the aluminum canvas is ground with a 4’ grinder professionally crafted by one of our artisans with beautiful shapes and wavy lines to make an effect that really is amazing! Then the aluminum needs to be polished with the same kind of angle grinder but with a buffer disc fitted to buff and shine the metal up to a mirror polish.

Then depending on what you choose because we have two choices of canvas here. We have a printed aluminum canvas, where your choice of photo can be printed on the sheet metal or we are excited to present our new product of hand-painted aluminum art! Instead of your photo being printed on the sheet metal we now have artists that will hand-paint your photo on the sheet by hand with a paint brush. See below video:

Step 2 the painting

Approve your finished Picture to Painting

The combination of sheet metal and classic oil painting really does have a special affect and a very new and specialized art form. The master artists are trained for many years to be able to get to a master standard and specialize in this craftsmanship and this alone honing their skills every day.

With a crystal front, hand-painted on the aluminum metal plate underneath in a MDF inner frame and a velvet back – see below picture. These aluminum canvas are of the highest quality, no expense spared.

Step 3 the framing

Call to speak to us today regarding your personal or business designs. We tailor to your desires – be the envy of everyone who walks into the room amazed by your customized artwork hanging on the wall!

layers of metal art

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