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Portrait Painting from photo - Mothers Day gift idea
For Mother's day there is no better gift than a beautiful oil portrait from a favourite photo!

portrait artist for cool gift idea Turn your photos into paintings with us on Mother's day at Love Custom Art. We specialise in photos to paintings. All painted for you by professional artists.

Mother's Day Gifts from - Portrait Artists turn your Photos into Paintings and Drawings

At this special time of the year the best gift you could present your Mother with is a personal work of art commissioned especially for your loved one on Mother's day.

Mother's day only comes but once a year and this year make it a real special one commissioning your own personal piece of vibrant art from a memorable time in your life or your loved one's on Mother's day. "we can turn back the sands of time" by using one of your pictures from times passed and merging it with some in the present day.

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Where does Mother's Day originate?

The day is celebrated in many different ways and also on different days around the world - most countries celebrate the day between March and May. Celebrations relating to motherhood can be traced back to the Greek cult to Cybele or in Roman times the festival for Hilaria - however the way this day is celebrated is not connected to the ancient times.

Julia War Howe wrote the "Mother's Day Proclamation" in 1870, as a pacifist counterpart to the carnage of the American Civil war and the Franco-Prussian War. Howe's being a feminist stated that women had the responsibility to support and help shaping the society also on a political level.

Years after, Ann Jarvis founded 5 Mothers Day Work Clubs to help with the improvisation of sanitary and health conditions. Two years after she died her daughter Anna Jarvis started a campaign to make Mother's Day recognized as a holiday in the United States in memory of her mother. She was finally successful 7 years later in 1914.

Our Custom art will make a wonderful surprise for your Mother on Mother´s Day! Mothers Day gift idea from your very own photograph will make it a unique and very original present.

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