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Oil portraits from photographs are a great way to keep your memories alive

Let us turn your photo into a special oil painting that will remind you of your fondest moments with your loved ones. We show below a zoomable image of a recent oil painting and please also check our full portfolio on oil paintings. Oil portraits from photos are very popular for people portraits, pet portraits, family portratis and really any photo. It can result in a very realistic painting but we can also offer impressionistic paintings on request. Prices for oil paintings start from: $133 / £84 / €110 If you would like to view our extensive oil painting portfolio then please click the below link. Please note that we can only show you samples where customers have given us their consent to have their oil paintings published.
oil painting from photo order

painting portfolio

Custom Oil Paintings created from your photos by professional oil portrait artists

The artists we work with are professionals creating very realistic portraits using your photos. Oil in particular is a great medium to capture a photo as vibrant and real to life as possible. Even though an impressionistic result can also be achieved on request most customers are looking for a painting where you can just imagine the person or pet stepping off the canvas any moment. An oil painting needs to dry after being finished and also between the different layers. View the process of an oil painting to get a better idea how much work is involved in turning pictures into oil portraits. An artist works several days on a painting each stage has to dry before the next one is started.


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