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Painting photos since 2011 and our professional artists can paint pictures very realistically from your photographs in oil, however we can also create impressionistic and abstract paintings in pastel and pencil among other mediums detailed below. Having your photos painted in one of our mediums is a great way to decorate your home or office with your very own memories hand-painted on quality linen canvas ready to hang on the wall.


Choose your medium


Upload your photo


Choose your size & framing


The artists starts painting your photo


Oil Painting painted from your photos

- painted on linen canvas
- stretched (gallery wrap) or framed

Prices start from $279 / £215

Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor Painting painted from your photos

- painted on quality paper
- have it framed ready to hang up

Prices start from $279 / £215

Pastel Portraits

Paint my photo in pastel

- painted on quality paper
- have it framed ready to hang up

Prices start from $279 / £215

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting from photos

- painted on linen canvas
- stretched (gallery wrap) or framed

Prices start from $279 / £215

Charcoal Painting

Charcoal Drawing painted by hand

- painted on quality paper
- have it framed ready to hang up

Prices start from $150 / £116

Pencil Painting

Pencil and Color Pencil Drawings from photos

- painted on quality paper
- have it framed ready to hang up

Prices start from $150 / £116

Love Custom Art creates hand painted portraits from your photo

At, you have a Master artist right now waiting in the wings for you ready to go to start on your project. Here is what one of our clients said of their experience:

“I had 9 different photos but didn't want all 9 photos painted separately, I wanted them all merged into the one picture as a family portrait. Because of the confidence they instilled in me when I spoke to Jessica on the phone and when the 9 photos were merged into one I knew that I had chosen the right company to paint my photo."
Janice, Texas, United States

Services You Can Get From Our Company Portal

Art has been around for as long as you can all remember. Over the years, art has evolved just as many other sectors have. It is therefore no wonder that you can buy amazing portraits from Online stores. You no longer have to visit a gallery to be able to buy any art products such as an oil painting.

You can upload your photo up to 8MB anything over that simply continue with your order and just e-mail the photo/s to [email protected]

You will find a host of products and services here at just by a click of the mouse. This site has a robust and interactive interface that allows visitors to communicate their minds in an elaborate and clear manner. For a better understanding of what you can or cannot do from the website, the list that follows will highlight the key features and products available on site for you.

Conversion of Photo to Painting

Taking Photos has become so common because cameras are available everywhere. You find cameras on phones and almost everyone has a cell phone in their pockets today. For people who enjoy taking pictures, it is easy to upload a photo to our shopping cart when ordering then have those photos painted but first your pictures/photos will be edited and sent to our reputable experienced artists to have them convert them into paintings on canvas which you can review on-line before we ship and unlimited revisions are possible in oil. Conversion of photo to painting is a service that you will find at affordable rates within the organization.

The organization has expert painters that you can commission to paint paint pictures in a very short time and in gallery quality in 14 days only for small to medium size paintings to 21 days for larger paintings see our our FAQ page for further details. Whether you have a freshly taken photo or an old antique that you want to preserve in a different light, our professional painters will make this possible. This service has become more on demand because painting picture to canvas is unique compared to photo prints on canvas that have become so common.

Painting Pictures

Many clients want us to paint pictures set in different situations with different backgrounds. When you decide to have an oil painting commissioned, you should remember to indicate exactly how you need to see the chosen picture to be painted. Some people want still life pictures of objects or even people they love. When painting pictures in still life, it takes a lot of time and patience. Many people who need such pictures should be ready to pose for the painting to get better results.

Rates for painting a picture vary from firm to firm but what makes stand out is the refined quality when our artists are commissioned to paint picture on canvas. With this in mind, you can always count on us each time you have your photos painted.

Paint My Photo on Canvas or Art Paper
For clients looking for large wall art painted by hand on canvas or wooden boards, you should look no further because our artists can paint on hardboard also. A Three layer board, top layer treated hardboard and two layers underneath of pine wood, we offer this alternative material and these services and more at very affordable rates – please contact us for oil painting on wooden board pricing. 

You can also customize your artwork and speak to your artist in real-time whilst the artist is working on your piece on our on-line chat feature to collaborate with the artist to produce the painting you had in mind. The delivery time-line is always fast and you can order a 100% oil painting gallery-wrapped ready to hang and a choice of top quality wooden frames.

You will get an opportunity to discuss how soon your order will be ready and delivered to your door (free of charge) if you have time constraints. You can choose the gift-wrapping option which your painting will then be gift-wrapped free of charge too!

Our artists paint pictures at a very elite level in not only oil but in acrylic, charcoal, watercolor just to name a few. Painting pictures to canvas from your personal keepsakes is always a thrilling experience especially if you deal with experienced painters who have the experience and talent you desire plus a first class customer service adviser always on hand via the on-line chat button to help you with any questions or problems you may have, again in real-time.

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