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Custom Painting from Photo
A wonderful gift to present to a loved one is a painting from photo in oil, watercolour, pastel, Acrylic, pencil or charcoal.
painting from photo hand painted

Painting from Photo - Turning your images into Personalised Canvas Art

There is wide selection of mediums and also a wide spectrum of choice as to what you can actually do with your painting from photo; for example: different backgrounds, choices of colours to accentuate a certain part of the portrait, how many photos you would like to combine, shadows used etc.

Before the painting begins in the editing room, one of our specially selected graphic designers will; as per your instructions, create a one of a kind, bespoke original from the photos provided so the artist has the blueprint to transmute the image into a painting from photo or photo's.

When combining photo's in the editing room the graphic designer is given a jigsaw puzzle to put together and the only pieces of the puzzle left on the editing room floor are the parts that do not fit to the chosen medium for the painting from photo, which make it easy for the artist to let their creative juices flow and not have to worry about structure etc.

And then onto the painting – only when there is confirmation and authorisation by you Love Custom Art's customer do we hand over to the artist to begin to work their magic on your painting from photo. Only certain artists are chosen for specific mediums to maximise the area they are most comfortable and play to their forte so they improve at which they are best at!

Once the artist has finished the first draft, the painting is quality checked by a manager and discussed with the artist as they go through any requests that you may have had that could not be done during the editing of your painting from photo for example: the brush strokes of the oil may need to be more pronounced over the canvas or you may wish to define the realism to the artist which can not be conveyed on the computer in the editing room.

Once your own genuine bespoke personal one off original piece of custom art is finish and we have you approval, then it will be sent via fully insured couriers to the address stipulated.

Enjoy your painting from photo from Love Custom Art!


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