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SIZELandscape1 pet2 pets3 pets1 person2 people3 people1 person
  & 1 pet
1 person
  & 2 pets
2 people
    & 1 pet
12"x16" (30x40 cm)kr 2427kr 2427kr 2593n/akr 2514kr 2680n/akr 2427kr 2593n/a
16"x20" (40x50 cm)kr 2514kr 2862kr 3028kr 3193
kr 2949kr 3115kr 3280kr 2862kr 3028kr 3193
20"x24" (50x60 cm)kr 2862kr 3297kr 3550kr 2862kr 3384
kr 3637kr 3889kr 3297kr 3550kr 3802
24"x36" (60x90 cm)kr 3123kr 3645kr 3976kr 3802kr 3732kr 4063kr 4394kr 3645kr 3976
kr 4307
30"x40" (75x100 cm)kr 3384kr 3906kr 4237kr 4568kr 4080kr 4411kr 4742kr 3906kr 4237
kr 4568
36"x48" (90x120 cm)kr 3645kr 4167kr 4585kr 5003kr 4428kr 4846kr 5264kr 4167kr 4585kr 5003
48"x72" (120x180 cm)kr 3906kr 4428kr 4924kr 5420kr 4776kr 4924kr 5994kr 4428kr 4924kr 5420

Your photo/s have more people and pets?
      Simply start the order process and select the required amounts of subjects.
      Custom Sizes
      You would like a special size for your painting? No problem! Simply contact us for a quote.



Rolled Delivery

  • Your painting is delivered in a protective tube and you can have it framed locally.

Gallery wrap

FROM kr 426
  • Your painting is stretched over a wooden frame so the painting is visible on the sides of the frame. A very modern look.
  • Note this option is only available for Oil and Acrylic Paintings!

Standard frames

FROM kr 539
  • Great selection of standard frames to compliment your beautiful painting and it will arrive ready to hang up.

Premium frames

FROM kr 653
  • Enhance your stunning painting with a special frame to complete the look of your personalised artwork. It will arrive ready to hang up.
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