Pet paintings hand painted in oil

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Pet paintings from photo hand painted by a professional pet artist - send us your pet photo and one of our artists will transform it into an unique pet portrait.

Pet paintings in oil created from your favorite pet photograph

Your photo will be hand painted by our pet artists in oil

  How does this work?
1. Make sure the size of your pet painting is what you are looking for
2. Select the amount of pets that you want painted
3. Select from the framing options
4. Upload a pet photo or email it to us
5. Put the pet painting in your basket and send payment
6. Wait to view the oil painting - confirm it or send us modification comments
7. We ship after you have viewed and confirmed the pet painting

Cat portraits

Your favorite photo of your cat hand painted in oil by professional artists specializing in cat paintings from photos.

Dog portraits

Every dog owner will love a dog portrait painting created from a photo. Dog oil paintings are a great gift idea and a lovely surprise for anyone owning a dog.

Horse portraits

You may not be able to have your horse in your front room but a beautiful painting of your horse photo is what we do best! An artist who has specialized into painting horses will turn your photo into a unique artwork and horse portrait painting.

Pet portraits

Of course an oil painting is suitable for all types of pets not just cats, dogs and horses. We can paint birds, snakes, hamsters - your pet photo is painted by a specialized pet artist.

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