Pet and People portrait paintings

People and Pet Portraits created from your pictures come ready framed as lovely gift idea

Have you got some photos of you and your pet's which you would like to see as artwork on your walls? Then give Love Custom Art a call for all your custom art needs. We will convert your precious photographs into works of art transmuted onto canvas in any medium you desire, pastel, oil, acrylic, charcoal, colour pencil or pencil.

Many of our customers who own pets don't just want a painting of their pet on it's own, instead they opt to have them or other family members in the painting as well. This is not a problem since we have specialised artists who can paint both people and pets very well. Usually an artist specialised on a certain category or medium, we have artists who can cater for all types and all mediums - send in your photo of yourself and your pet and we will choose the best artist for your order. You may check through our portfolio to get an idea which artist you like best and we will of course pass to the same artist, as each has their own style too.

Paintings of people and their pets - highest quality guaranteed

We guarantee the highest quality for turning your photos into custom art. You will be amazed by the delicate details an artist can create from your picture. Your photo will be analysed after you ordered and you can work directly with the artist to ensure you receive the painting or drawing you inspire.

order pet and people portrait paintings

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