Free Photo Retouching included with your painting order

Merge your photos into one painting

Our photo department can turn your photos into wonderful edited photographs which will then be passed to our artists. You can work together with our photo editors to achieve the desired affect, then when you are happy with the outcome, and only then will we pass it on to one of our artists. This way we can ensure that your painting will only require minimal modifications during the painting process, if any at all.

We have professional photo editors who are able to work and modify almost anything. From changing backgrounds to removing/adding objects or people/pets - many retouch options are possible. See a few samples below. They show the finished painting, the original photos and the edited photo. If you have any special requests feel free to contact us and we can provide you with a free image consultation.

oil painting from separate photos

fun photo editing using existing paintings and merging them with photos

painting merged from two separate photos

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