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Love Custom Art offers a hand made Photo to Painting service by real artists
Love Custom Art can transform your photo's into beautiful work's of art onto 100% cotton canvas's which can last a lifetime. Hand painted Custom Art Portraits from your favorite photographs are our specialty! Our artist will paint your photo in oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor, pencil or pastel.
Get your Photos to Paintings hand painted by a portrait artistA real fantastic idea for a special and original gift is a photo to painting! We can transform your photo's into beautiful work's of art onto 100% cotton canvas's which can last a lifetime. 

We are experts in turning Photos to Paintings

From the very design idea to the finished work of art, Love Custom Art provide a first class service in the supply of original one off pieces of art from photo to painting.

We all have our memories captured on camera which we hold dear to us and perhaps at some point have them blown up to a larger image to hang on the wall and remind us of someone, or a special time, but now we can turn that photo into a painting as more often than not the quality of the picture will suffer when enlarged. The whole process of photo to painting is a very pleasurable experience for us and for you as we love making peoples dreams a reality. Chose to turn your photo to painting rather than keeping your memories in a photo format is an exquisite way to transcend those memories into a work of art that can be passed down through the family from generation to generation.

What is needed to create a painting from a photo?

All that is needed is a photo of decent enough quality that we can see the images you wish to be turned from photo to painting clearly enough so they can be translated into oil on the canvas or perhaps any other medium you choose. E.g. you can have your photo to painting turned into: acrylic, watercolour, pastel, pencil, charcoal and of course oil.

Check your photos for clarity - all the details on the faces of the subjects should be visible or alternatively reference photos should be submitted. Sunglasses for example can be removed but we might use another photo of the persons head - colors can be changed either by the photo department or directly from the artist - people can be removed or of course, be added. One photo to painting portrait from different photos merged together is not a problem!

The Painting from Photo Process

In the photo editing process one of our professionals will endeavour to make your dreams a reality before it goes off to an artist to be turned from a photo to painting. Then you have the guarantee that all work is approved by yourself before the selected artist even puts a brush to the canvas and starts your photo to painting.

Then once the artist has finished the first proof you still have the opportunity at this point to make alterations until you are 100% happy. Then once approved, your photo to painting will be shipped to you immediately once confirmed.

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