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Commission your very own Portrait Painting created from your pictures
Today the process of owning your own personal portrait painting is made very simple thanks to the internet. You can commission your own portrait paintings from sentimental photos and be in charge of the process and the outcome all the way from the start to the finish.

order a portrait paintingYou send your photo, either upload or via e-mail during the order process which will be reviewed by professionals and then they will advise the best way to move on with your portrait painting/drawing, whichever the case may be.

Ordering my own portrait painting from

You chose a medium to go with and the photo editors will start the editing process Taylor made to your design e.g. removing a figure from the picture or imposing one, changing the background from another photo and so on to enhance the outcome of your portrait painting.

Then the edited photo will be attached to an e-mail and sent to you to either approve (if it meets your ambitions) or to make alterations until you are overjoyed with the results.

Portraits painted by artists with FREE photo editing

Once we have your approval on the edited photo it is then sent to an Artist to start the first proof. The Artist first sketches the outline in pencil and then starts to fill in the colours of your portrait painting.

Then the same process over, you approval or make alterations until you are overwhelmed with the results of your own personal portrait painting.

Your order will take a day to dry if you chose oil as a medium.

There are many companies who offer photo to painting services but be careful as most of them retain the deposit as NON – REFUNDABLE.

Love Custom Art can have your portrait painting delivered to your door within 25 day's or 15 express delivery if you wish to have your portrait painting expedited to make it in time for a birthday or a special event.

Our couriers are FedEx and DHL which, rest assured, fully insure all shipments. If in the rare event that your portrait painting is damaged you will need to take a digital photo of the damage, e-mail it back to us, and we will send a replacement out right away.

order photo to painting now


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