Portraits from photograph
Ordering portraits from photograph is nowadays as easy as booking your holiday online. All you need is a good photo and one of the artist from Love Custom Art will paint it for you.
portraits from photographs by professional artists

Portraits from photograph hand painted by a professional artist

Today, with communication so much quicker between us the world over so is the way we do business. It used to be that if you wanted a portrait of yourself or family, pet etc, you would have to make an appointment to go and see an artist, sit down and pose for hours to get the desired outcome. But know there is a revolutionary process, we don't need you to come and sit for hours, all we need is for you to take a photograph! for the portrait you want and with our team of photo editors we can even change the photo to your exact specifications and even add in people, backgrounds, practically anything you choose then the edited version goes off to a professional artist whom will paint from your photograph – easy! Then delivered either framed, gallery wrap, or rolled in a tube to your door.

Also during the photo editing process each time we edit something you request , it will then be sent to you via e-mail for your approval or request to make modifications which is all a completely free service we provide. Then once you are 100% happy with the edit you must approve the final edit before we can authorise it to go to the artist to paint.

Then the same process, over again, you will be sent a proof of the finished portrait painting which you can then, if you decide to tweak something or if you aren't happy you can make alterations until you are 100% overwhelmed with the outcome. We do not move on anything until we have your approval to do so then we will ship immediately.

We offer an express service to expedite your order which would arrive within 15 day's if you pay the full balance at the checkout rather than deposit payment only which would mean the normal duration of 25 day's.

The turnaround time starts as soon as we have the edited photo approval. Painting and delivery - We aim to be within the above times from the start of the portrait until delivery at the allocated address.

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