Turn your photos into hand painted acrylic portraits. Order an acrylic painting today!

Welcome to our Acrylic showcase. Here you will find recent examples of specifically, acrylic paintings on canvas. We have many Acrylic photo painters that specialize in this medium and this medium alone honing their skills in Acrylic painting to be well practiced in the one medium as possible which leads to them being a Master in their chosen medium. Here at Love Custom Art we only employ artists that specialize in one particular medium. We find that artists whom paint in a selection of mediums, although being very good, it only stands to reason that they would not be as well practiced as someone whom doesn’t diversify.

Acrylic paint is a fast drying water-based paint that when drys and hardens actually becomes water- resistant. This is why this is the only medium where we really have to make haste when a client would like to revise the painting, make modifications to the piece, as when it drys and hardens and pretty much becomes waterproof this is no longer possible. We must urge anyone wishing to commission one of our fantastic Acrylic photo painters to please be as fast as possible when deciding if you are not quite happy with a particular feature, to tell us what you would like revised on the piece as soon as possible.

Acrylic can be mistaken for oil as they are so similar once on the canvas dried. Most people wouldn’t be able to notice the difference except the discerning eye, this is why we recommend to our clients that have allergies toward oils in paints to simply opt for an Acrylic painting. As Acrylic is water-based you don’t get the heavy smell you do with oil when it is first painted, it is virtually odorless.

So being so similar in appearance, if you are allergic to oils, opt for a beautiful Acrylic painting today!