Boat and Car Paintings

Let the artists from LoveCustomArt paint your boat, car or other transport vehicle. Great idea for antique car collectors, sailors or airplane owners! Capture your photos today – click here!

Welcome to our showcase of Boats & Cars

We have many classic cars to display here for you to really see just how good our artists are looking at how the lines and details are painted on the cars. The same goes for our boats and ships – you will be amazed how detailed the artists can capture every small detail.

Do you crave for a pencil sketch of your boats and cars that will turn out to be far better than the original photo? Do you want to make that special friend of yours who loves his new car see his new acquisition painted in a new medium? Let the artists from LoveCustomArt do the photograph justice by painting your cars, boats, airplanes or transport vehicles on canvas in oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal or pencil!

We make use of acrylics, oils, watercolors, which is at your disposal to select depending on your preference. But, and to some extent, what the photo would dictate would be best medium to paint in to create the best painting. You will be advised of this during our free image consultation but ultimately you can choose any of the above mediums to paint or draw in. Before LoveCustomArt embarks on any paintings we take into consideration cost as well as the suitability of the paint in question. We make use of paints that are captivating, something of top-notch quality and of class. We do not settle for anything less, we go for the very best and that’s why we are the best in the industry at what we do!

Our boat paintings would remind you of previous sailing escapades on the high seas, fishing on lakes, adventures and also memorable car trips with you or including your family, exciting car races and a whole lot more. Our paintings range from artistic styles to realistic down to impressionistic and abstract. Explore our original paintings from LoveCustomArt by our talented artists who are renowned, reputable, versatile and capable in their artisan profession.

We make the best effort towards achieving a spectacular piece every time one of our photo painters pick up a brush. We also take in to consideration durability and longevity, that is to say, that we guarantee you something that will last longer than expected, for generations in fact if well looked after. At the end of the day you will be proud to be the owner of a great work of art from LoveCustomArt.