Children Paintings

Let the artists at LoveCustomArt paint your Children! Child Portraits are something so lovely to paint – who does not love the image of a cute baby or watch children playing? We receive many children photos that are beautiful even before they are painted, but having them painted just gives the portrait the extra bit of specialness that a simple photo print can not capture! Here we show you the children paintings were we got permission to publish:

With many mediums to choose from you may wonder which is the best for your child’s portrait? If you are looking for realismn then an oil painting is exactly what you are looking for. Mediums like watercolor and pastel on the other hand are more artistic and will create a unique look for your portrait. Charcoal and Pencil are by nature black and white which can be a focused artwork that does not get distracted by colors. If you however want some color in your drawing, we also offer color pencil. Now let us paint your child so you have a precious keepsake that will last a life time and beyond. Order your Child Portrait today!