House Paintings

House paintings are perfect gifts for proud home owners

So many beautiful memories are connected to a house and area we grow up in or have lived in, which makes house portraits a very popular type of painting.

For house warming parties it can be a great surprise as well as if your child leaves home to live on their own. The gift ideas are endless and we are sure you will love the result of turning a picture of your house into a work of art.

What mediums work well for a house painting?

Choose our Oil Paintings from photo or use the very popular Watercolor to create a splendid house portrait. House paintings are especially nice if the photo is not at a straight on view but a side angle showing the surrounding landscape. We can merge photos and change the look of your photo adding more trees or removing items to ensure the finished painting of your house is just how you envisioned it.

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So many fantastic memories are associated with a house or an area you spend your life in and call home. House portraits are a very popular choice of painting. House portraits could just be that perfect surprise for a housewarming gift for a friend or family member.

The gift ideas know no bound and the thought of turning a picture into a painting, a work of art is totally out of this world.

In delivering to you a fantastic painting you will love, you will have to, first of all, choose the right color for your background unless you wish to stick with the original we can edit in any background you choose from other images if the one you have chosen is a great shot of the house but not of the background.

In fact that changing the color of your house or changing the color and tone of the background is also possible in the editing process. Just leave instructions in the comments box when ordering and we will make sure we choose the requested color and tone, then we can converse during the painting with the artist to make sure we are all on the same page and get it right exactly as you wanted it to be.

These are the skills our team at Love Custom Art possess to make the best custom artwork imaginable. We offer a fully bespoke service from the moment we receive the images from you to the moment the painting is finished and then our hand-made frames are also fully bespoke and made in our factory.

We will make your house paintings look vivid, with a beautiful and glossy feel:

Our paintings completely cover the subsurface, that is why we apply 2-3 coats at least to properly cover up the color of the subsurface.

We use top quality paints that are resistant to friction, wiping as well as scratching and cracking.

We make use of vibrant paints that will create a very vivid, elegant feel and desired atmosphere in the home or office.

Qualities of our House painters

  • They are a courteous and very receptive to your designs.
  • LoveCustomArt photo painters are good listeners and communicators.
  • They are perfectionists
  • Very Versatile
  • Honest in their endeavors.
  • They are exceptionally curious, so as to put in your ideas and ensuring you are satisfied.
  • They offer a quick painting process.
  • Cleanliness is their watchword.

Are you still in doubt or contemplating on what to do?
LoveCustomArt painters would do a wonderful job that would beat your imagination. Give us a call today and let us transform your home into a center of attraction.