Oil Paintings

Our most recent oil paintings from photos

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Oil Portraits from photos hand painted by professional artists

With the help of the artists at LoveCustomArt.com you will be able to have any of your favorite photos turned into super cool oil portraits. All you need to do is send in your photo and make a few decisions on size, framing and you are done! The rest is sorted by our support team and of course the artist! Choose your artist from our galleries or let us pick the artist you prefer to paint your photo.

Oil is a great medium especially for a realistic result, the outcome of your painting will be amazing and you will get amazed visitors asking about the painting. Make sure you add the progress photos we offer so you can proof to them that this is a real oil painting and nothing was printed! If you did your research you may have noticed many providers of oil paintings which offer a printed oil painting or parital print then painted over service. This is not something we do! We like the real deal – the real artwork!

The artists we work with for our oil paintings are very special to us as they create beautiful work and we want to ensure they can continue to create artwork that comes out as detailed as the samples we display here in our oil portrait gallery, so we ask of you that you pick photos that clearly show the subject or scenery you would like painted. Blurry photos are very hard and may not result in a detailed painting as we showcase here. Even though an artist can improve a blurry photo and add detail, without knowing the missing details it is not possible to achieve the same result as if the photo is of a high quality!

If you have any questions on the process of an oil painting, you may like to check our “How it works” page or Contact Us.