Order a Painting from Photo

Order your unique and very personal artwork from your photographs

Pastel Painting from Photograph
Pastel Painting
Charcoal Drawings created from photos
Charcoal Drawing
Pencil Drawings in color or black and white
Color and Black Pencil
Paintings created in watercolor from your photos
Watercolor Painting
paintings created in acryl from your photos
Acryl Painting

Turn your photo into an oil painting
Oil Painting

The professional portrait artists at LoveCustomArt will turn your photographs into beautiful and hand painted paintings and drawings. You simply choose your preferred art medium, submit your photo, fill in a few required details and after a few days you can receive progress photos (optional) and once the painting is ready, we will show it to you for your approval. We will only ship the painting if you are 100% happy with it. Modifications to the painting/drawing are of course possible and if you want the painting ready to hang, simply pick a frame right away or choose it later after your painting is completed.

You have several separate photos? No problem either! Simply email all the photos to us and we will combine them – this is especially great if you can not get the whole family together or some family members just looked away at the right moment. For pet owners this is of course even more interestring as our pets never seem to focus on the camera long enough! We can merge a great head photo with the body of your dog from another image for example. The possibilities are endless and we are looking forward to create your special and unique portrait for you.

Ordering your own painting is easy with LoveCustomArt. The order process is straight forward without asking you anything unnecessary and in a few minutes your order is submitted, ready to be prepared for an artist. You may even choose the artist from our artist selection.

The hardest choice you will have is picking the photo and deciding on size and framing! But if you want we can even help you with that. Just reach out to us and we will recommend the best option for your photo.