Pastel and Gouache

Our pastel and gouache artists turn your photo into beautiful pastel paintings. Get yours today!

Are you searching for that pastel painting that everyone would admire when they visit you and see it hanging in your living room or dinning area? Do you want to transform your home into a great atmospheric place with hand-painted portraits? A masterpiece of a pastel painting? The solution is right here.
Our pastel artists will see to it that your photos are worked on and turned into beautiful pastel portraits. Our pastel paintings take many different forms across canvases such as family portraits, Animal photographs turned into memorial paintings to remember those we love and cherish so much. You take the photo and we transform it into pastel paintings with precision and professionalism.

Our pastel drawings and paintings glow intensely with a rich velvety texture. Before we make use of a particular pastel, we observe carefully the best attributes of a subject photo and associate the pastel on the paper such as quality, color, composition etc. We also take into consideration the type of surfaces we apply pastels on as well as its suitability on the chosen artwork. We choose a gouache pastel medium for its vibrancy and very artistic look and feel. Our painters also take into consideration that pastels are not permanently fixed to the surface of the paper, so we take care when handling them, due to this we make use of a fixative Spray to ensure the pastel painting is longlasting. At the end of the day, we put our pastel paintings under a framed plexiglass to promote longevity and durability. These are necessary points our painter considers when working with pastels. So that the end results will be beautiful and out of this world.
With all said and done, it should come to your notice that we take our job seriously and we aim at delivering the highest quality services. Search and ponder no more because our client’s needs are our top most priority.