Hand Drawn Pencil Portraits from our specialist artists. Order your own Pencil Drawing today!

LoveCustomArt offers pencil portraits from photos of people, pets, vehicles, buildings and landscapes. Each portrait is a hand-drawn original and we use sensitive attention to detail to bring out the best in every subject. To capture that special moment LoveCustomArt is offering you the opportunity to transform any type of photograph whether it is pet portraits, a family member, or a treasured possession, into exclusive, high quality, hand drawn portraits or paintings by pencil portrait artist. Portrait painting is specific to human face proportion, knowing how to position different parts of the face relative to one another in proportion and size.

LoveCustomArt is probably one of the most experimental suppliers for this type of work. We smudge soft shadow areas with cotton swabs, a drawing technique which we discovered by accident. To add detail, which is probably our favorite aspect of drawing, we use 0.5mm mechanical pencils that are often used by engineers and architects to draw buildings. The fine line is essential, but when it comes to portrait drawings, it’s something you best not overdo, or your entire work will look like a line drawing or a cartoon. Which isn’t always a bad thing. But we try to capture realism in our work as much as possible.

So, if you have a photo that holds special memories of you, why not let LoveCustomArt turn it into a unique hand-drawn work of art that you can enjoy for many years to come. Our artists create stunning pencil drawings from your photos. We work meticulously to make timeless works of art of the people (and pets) that are most important to you. Give a gift that is a work of art (literally). 100% hand-drawn by real, live, artists, right here in the U.S and UK.