Pet Portraits from Photographs

Looking for the perfect gift for a pet owner? Or you want to commemorate your best furry friend in a painting yourself? Our specialised pet artists will do just that for you! Browse our most recent pet paintings and order your own pet portrait (click here).

We offer amazing pet portraits, some of which are:

  • A pet photo painted in oil
  • Merging of photos then painted in really cool custom art styles
  • Painting a puppy image edited first by our graphic designers
  • Pets lying in a hammock painted in Watercolor

From your own personal pictures, you will design artistically with the help of us to create a custom hand-painted pet portrait of your cat, dog, horse etc. Designed with absolute care and proper attention to every detail. The result is an exceptionally unique Pet portrait with a work of art you are truly inspired by. This is no ordinary process, we collaborate every step along the design journey, and when the painting is finished even then you can make revisions to get it right as you wanted. So it has meaning and personality that you desired in the original idea to symbolize a memorable celebration of the wonderful times you have spent with your pets.

Our pet portraits are adequately enhanced and well protected to increase its longevity. Our pet portraits are also presented with an exquisite and luxurious framing options here. Our professional painters make use of visible brush strokes to beautifully inhance the look of the pet portrait.

Our painters are extremely passionate in what they do, so you can be sure of a getting a quality service. With a reasonable amount of years and experience gained in creating pet portraits, you will be amazed at the level of quality services you will receive from the start, from the initial contact to a safe delivery. And most importantly our prices are affordable
Commission one of our photo painters and you won’t regret you did!